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Progress update on our First Site!

We have taken the next step in progressing our first housing scheme in the Holme Valley, the Chippings site at Scholes. The vision of our locally based housing charity is to build homes for local people that they can afford, that are cheap to run and fit for the future.

A request has been just been submitted for the Kirklees MC planners’ initial and technical advice on using the site for up to ten affordable homes. The homes will be built to high quality, low-energy standards, modelling how future homes should be constructed. This is a small-scale scheme which will be in a pleasant environment with as much open, shared space on the site as possible. Our outline proposals reflect the ideas that were supported in the wide community consultation during last summer and seek to address issues raised by local residents in more recent conversations.

The site is a former quarry on the edge of Scholes village at the corner of Chapelgate and Dean Bridge Lane and is owned by the Holme Valley Land Charity who wish it to be used for a good social purpose. The homes will be kept in community ownership and remain affordable in perpetuity.

More affordable homes and a more sustainable approach to local developments is at the heart of the Holme Valley Neighbourhood Plan, shortly to be voted on by the community. Evidence from our surveys show that around 80% of people believe that homes being built should be within the price range of local people who otherwise are forced to move away.

We should know in October whether we can proceed to the next stage of submitting a planning application following full consultation with the local community.

Homes fit for the Future!

Holme Valley’s own Community-led Housing charity,  Ecoholmes has come up with a vision of the sort of homes we should have in the future – affordable, energy-efficient and sustainable.

After a summer of consulting with local people, we have produced display boards full of ideas about environmentally friendly, low energy and affordable homes perpetually available to people who have grown up and work in the Holme Valley – to see our other EcoHolmes concept display boards, click here

The ‘concept siteplan’ above shows what might be built into a small development of such homes. Not all schemes would be this size or be able to contain all the ideas But this captures what people have said is needed and is what has been done by other community housing trusts elsewhere.

To turn the ideas into reality, EcoHolmes need small suitable sites at reasonable cost in the Valley. We are confident of being able to attract funding to build affordable, cheap-to-run houses fit for the future.

Who are EcoHOLMEs?

EcoHOLMEs is a community business for the purpose of providing the affordable low-energy homes that our Holme Valley community urgently needs, and that are fit for the future.

EcoHOLMEs is a Community Land Trust (CLT) set up by local people to build and own homes for the long term benefit of the Holme Valley community. The homes built will be allocated to local people, and will also serve as exemplars of low carbon living.

Why affordable low-energy homes?

There is a pressing shortage of low-cost affordable housing in the Holme Valley, both for sale and for rent. There is also a growing realisation that we need for more low-energy housing, as we move to a more sustainable lifestyle as part of our response to the Climate Emergency.

EcoHOLMEs plan to build the affordable low-energy homes our community needs that fit for the future.

How will we deliver EcoHOLMEs?

EcoHOLMEs plan to acquire land for our affordable housing sites by asset transfers, donations, long term leases or open market purchases of land or property

As a community business, we are able to seek planning permission for sites not available for commercial housing development! Funding the development and build cost of these homes will be by a mix of grant funding, commercial loans and community share funding.

How you can help

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EcoHOLMEs is a member-run organisation, embedded in our Holme Valley community. The homes we provide will be owned by the community and will benefit those in housing need within the community.

Anyone who is 18 years or over and lives or works in the Holme Valley area can join as a Member of the EcoHOLMEs Community Land Trust.

Show your support and be a part of this exciting community venture, by become a member of EcoHOLMES on payment of £1 for a non-withdrawable, non-interest paying Share in EcoHOLMEs.

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