Open-air consultations on-site about a potential housing site for affordable, low-energy homes in Scholes in the Holme Valley, have been taking place over the last weekend.

EcoHolmes, a community-led housing trust and the Holme Valley Land Charity have been sounding out the views of local residents on turning a small ex-quarry plot, Chippings, at the corner of Chapelgate and Dean Bridge Lane on the edge of Scholes village, into use for a positive social purpose.

Scores of residents have answered an invitation by two local charities to discuss the merits of building exemplary affordable and low-energy homes on a small charity-owned plot. The innovative new homes would be for local people who are priced out of the housing market in the Holme Valley.

“It’s about time we did something about local young families and older people being forced away from where they have family, jobs and roots because of ridiculous rents and prices”, says the Chair of EcoHolmes, Stephen Sheard.

“Most of the new houses being built in the Holme Valley are beyond the reach of local working people. They encourage long-distance commuting. Nor are they generally being built to the standards needed for the future, with low-carbon and low-energy in mind”

Anyone wanting to learn more about EcoHolmes or the Land Charity  – both have websites: or email at . EcoHolmes is part of a national network of nearly 300 Community Land Trusts.