Community Land Trusts – case studies

Community Land Trusts are powerful examples of communities in action – taking control and transforming the future of their local community. CLT’s are non-profit, community-based organisations run by volunteers to develop affordable housing, workspaces or other assets that meet the needs of the community and are owned and controlled by the community.
What they have done, we can do here in the Holme Valley!  We are stronger together!
Lyvennet CLT Cumbria

Back in 2009 members of three villages on the banks of the Lyvennet River in Cumbria formed the Lyvennet Community Land Trust, to deliver affordable housing for local people.  By mid 2012 they had built 12  rented and shared-ownership homes for their community. 

Calder Valley CLT Hebden Bridge

Rooted in the communities of Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd, the CLT was established to help meet housing needs in their part of Calderdale, West Yorkshire. In 2020 they opened 6 independent living bungalows for older people in Walsden, with 3 other schemes in development.

Granby 4 Streets CLT Toxteth, Liverpool

The CLT was created in 2011 to address affordable housing issues within Liverpool’s Toxteth area and became the first urban CLT in the UK. Their solution was to refurbish their existing derelict housing stock, rather than see them demolished for new homes, as a means of regenerating their local community.

Keswick CLT Cumbria

Keswick CLT was formed in 2009 following a Churches Together community consultation where it was clear that affordable housing was a big issue in the area. Being within the Lake District National Park, house prices are relatively high with a high proportion of second homes. After 12 years the CLT now own 40 properties after four successful affordable housing schemes.