EcoHolmes concept housing scheme

After a summer of consulting with local people, we have come up with a vision of the sort of homes we should have in the future.   We have produced  a set of display boards full of ideas about environmentally friendly, low energy and affordable homes perpetually available to local with a connection to the Holme Valley, through either living or working here.

These include a ‘concept siteplan’,  to show what might be built into a small community development of such homes. Not all schemes would be this size or be able to contain all the ideas. But this captures what people have said is needed and is what has been done by other community housing trusts elsewhere.

Board #1 What is an EcoHolmes community?

Board #2 EcoHolmes Concept Siteplan

Board #3 How an EcoHolme Works

Board #4 Community Land Trust Case Studies

Board #5 Low-Energy Homes Case Studies