Mission & Vision

EcoHOLMEs is a member-led community business with charitable status which has been established to help address and meet housing needs in the Holme Valley. We are creating affordable low-energy homes fit for the future in a climate change world.

We are part of the fast-growing community-led housing network, where local people play a leading role in solving local housing problems, building genuinely affordable homes and creating stronger communities in ways that are difficult through current mainstream housing.

Our mission is simply stated:

“We work with the people of the Holme Valley to create low-energy homes, fit for the future that people can afford “. 

Our key messages are:

  1. We are creating affordability in an environment where  mainstream housing is only available to better off people.
  2. We are member led.
  3. We are inclusive – for the community’s benefit  & charitable.
  4. We are addressing a need.
  5. We are part of something much bigger.
  6. That local people are taking “self responsibility“ for a big issue like housing.
  7. We are taking climate action.
  8. We are not wasting resources; we are saving energy.
  9. We are building homes fit for the future.
  10. Most importantly – WE ARE building stronger communities.